• FREE tattoos!

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    FREE “Artist’s Choice” tattoos available this week Mon-Fri 1-6pm

    All other tattoos $10 & up

    For more info call Bill at (318) 918-9671

  • $10 tattoos & piercings

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    $10 & up tattoos available January 11th – 19th 1-6pm

    $10 body piercings available January 12th & 13th 12-8pm

    Discounted Permanent Make-Up services available January 22nd, 23rd & 14th by appointment only

    World’s Only Tattoo School
    403 Lake Street in downtown Shreveport

    For more info please call BILL POGUE at (318) 918-9671

  • Happy New Year!

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    The World’s Only Tattoo School is now enrolling for all 2018 class sessions

    Enroll for ANY 2-week Tattoo Course by Jan. 31st to get $600 OFF tuition fees & FREE dorm room!

    - 2018 Class Schedule -
    Jan. 8-20
    Mar. 5-17
    May 7-19
    July 9-21
    September 10-22
    October 8-20

    Call our enrollment office at (318) 918-8904 for more info!

  • $600 OFF & FREE dorm!


    The World’s Only Tattoo School is enrolling now for all 2018 class sessions.

    New students who enroll for ANY 2018 Master Tattoo Course by Jan. 1st will get $600 off tuition fees & 14 free nights in a student dorm room.

    - 2018 Class Schedule

    How to Enroll:
    1) Call our enrollment office at (318) 918-8904 to let us know which class session you would like to attend
    2) Send tuition payment online at www.paypal.me/TattooSchool or mail check to:
    World’s Only Tattoo School
    403 Lake Street
    Shreveport, LA 71101
    3) Make any necessary travel plans & let us know if we need to pick you up from the Shreveport Regional Airport / greyhound bus station
    4) Arrive at Tattoo School by 12 noon on your 1st day of class

    Please note: You must mention this email at the time of enrollment to receive discount. Students who are already enrolled are not eligible. Tuition payment of $5,000 due by 1/1/18

  • FREE rose tattoos!

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    Four (4) FREE rose tattoos available TOMORROW Thurs. Oct. 12th at 1pm (first come, first served)

    $10 & up tattoos Oct. 12th – 20th 1-5pm (no appointment needed)

    LAST chance for free & discount priced tattoos in 2017!!

    Call (318) 918-8904 for more info

    403 Lake Street
    Shreveport, LA 71101

  • $10 Body Piercings Oct. 13 & 14

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    ALL body piercings only $10 on Fri October 13th 2-8pm & Sat October 14th 2-6pm

    Eyebrow, nose, lip, tragus, daith, rook, helix, conch, navel, nipples, labret, christina, vch, septum, tongue, lobes, etc…

    LAST chance for $10 piercings in 2017!!

    World’s Only Tattoo School
    403 Lake Street
    Shreveport, LA 71101

    For more info call piercing instructor Harvey Kennedy (318) 617-7940

  • LAST class session of 2017

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    The World’s Only Tattoo School is enrolling now for our LAST class sessions of 2017:

    Weekend Tattoo Seminar – Oct. 7th & 8th
    1-week Basic Tattoo Course – Oct. 9th – 14th
    2-week Master Tattoo Course – Oct. 9th – 21st
    3-day Body Piercing Course – Oct. 12th – 14th
    3-day Permanent Make-Up Course – Oct. 16th – 18th

    Classes will resume in Jan. 2018

    Please call (318) 918-8904 for more info!

  • Fall 2017 Class Schedule


    World’s Only Tattoo School Fall 2017 Class Schedule

    2-week Master Tattoo Course
    September 11th – 23rd
    October 10th – 22nd

    1-week Basic Tattoo Course
    September 11th – 16th
    October 10th – 15th

    3-day Body Piercing Course
    September 14th – 16th
    October 13th – 15th

    3-day Permanent Make-Up Course
    September 18th – 20th
    October 17th – 19th

    Full 2017 Class Schedule

  • Congratulations Piercing Class of July 2017!

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    CONGRATULATIONS to our Body Piercing Class of July 2017

    Jean B. from Texas
    Jennifer H. from Virginia
    Amber H. from Louisiana
    Felecia I. from Massachusetts
    Jared M. from Texas
    Austin M. from North Dakota

    July 2017 Body Piercing Class w/ Harvey Kennedy

    We wish all of our graduates a successful future in the body art industry!

  • $10 & up TATTOOS!


    The Word’s Only Tattoo School will be open to the public for discount body art services performed by our master tattoo students under the direct supervision of licensed tattoo instructors.

    $10 & up Tattoos available July 13th – 21st (closed Sunday) 1-6pm

    $10 Body Piercings available July 14th & 15th 2-8pm

    For more info call 318-918-9671