Body Piercing Course

Students will be prepared to perform safe, clean body piercing as a form of artistic expression. Graduates will have performed a variety of procedures by class end.

Tuition Fee: $1,800

I. Aseptic Technique, Sterilization, Operational Technique After Care
II. General Piercing (Navel, Eyebrow, Lip, Labret, Tongue, & Ear
III. Exotic piercing (Male and Female Genitals, Nipple)

What does the 3 day body piercing course include?
* A full set of professional body jewelry and piercing tools
* 24+ hours of hands-on training with our experienced instructor Mr. Harvey Kennedy
* Certificates & Transcripts upon course completion
* Plenty of human models for you to learn and practice on
* Body Piercing License Guarantee (as per county, city, parish, state)
* Unlimited free tattoos & piercings from classmates
* TONS of on-going support throughout your career as a Body Piercer!

Tuition Fees: 3 Day Body Piercing Course = $1,800

Students who pay tuition in full at least 1 month in advance will also receive:
* A double set of piercing equipment (enough to do 100 piercings)
* 3 FREE nights in a student dorm room

*** NOW includes dermal piercings ***