• Friday the 13th

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    Friday the 13th DISCOUNT

    Enroll for any 2018 tattoo class TODAY to get $1,300 off tuition fees!

    2018 Class Schedule

    Discounted tuition fee of $4,300 due by midnight on Fri. April 13th


    Please call our enrollment office at (318) 918-8904 with any questions

  • Next tattoo class starts May 7th!

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    Our next available 2-week Master Tattoo Course starts on May 7th!

    Click HERE to apply online or call our enrollment office at (318) 918-8904

  • SPRING 2018 class sessions!

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    We are enrolling now for SPRING 2018 class sessions!

    Artistic Tattoo:
    2-week Master Tattoo Course – May 7th-18th
    Tattoo Workshop #1 – May 7th-9th
    Tattoo Workshop #2 – May 10th-12th
    Tattoo Workshop #3 – May 14th-16th
    Tattoo Workshop #4 – May 17th & 18th

    Body Piercing:
    3-day Body Piercing Course – May 10th-12th

    Permanent Make-Up:
    3-day Permanent Make-Up Course – May 14th-16th

    Please call our enrollment office at (318) 918-8904 for more info!

    World's Only Tattoo School

  • 1st place winner!

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    CONGRATULATIONS to W.O.T.S. Alumni student Terry Lewchanin of Element Ink on winning 1st place in “Best Virgin Tattoo” at the Tattoo Expo in Syracuse, NY.

    We are very proud of your success and accomplishments in just 2 1/2 years of tattooing!

    1st place winner

    1st place winner

  • $10 tattoos & $5 piercings


    $10 & up TATTOOS March 9th-16th 1-5pm (closed Sunday)
    *advanced tattoo students looking to do portraits, high realism and black & grey work!

    $5 PIERCINGS March 9th 2-8pm & March 10th 2-6pm ($10 for exotic piercings)

    Permanent Make-Up services available March 12th-14th by appointment only!

    Call (318) 918-8904 for more info

  • NEW tattoo workshops!

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    Our original 2-week Master Plan tattoo course is now divided into four (4) back-to-back intensive workshops to accommodate your schedule & budget!

    Workshop #1 – $2,900 – Mon, Tue & Wed 1-6pm (plus open floor practice time)
    Course includes: Complete set of professional tattoo equipment (Tattoo machine, power supply unit, clip cord, foot switch, tubes, needles, ink, etc.)
    Tattoo 101 Curriculum:
    - Tattoo history & traditions
    - Flash drawing & design
    - Tattoo safety precautions (bloodborne pathogens & sterilization)
    - Tattoo machine & equipment operation
    - Tattoo machine construction & adjustment
    - Lining, shading & color blending
    - Stencil construction & application
    - Use of various needle arrangements including magnums & single-needle
    - Use of permanent pigment vs. acrylic pigments
    - Tattoo practice on artificial skin

    Workshop #2 – $900 – Thurs, Fri & Sat 1-6pm (plus open floor practice time)
    Tattoo 102 Curriculum:
    - Supervised tattoo practice on real clients
    - Tattoo Shop operation
    - Tattoo Shop & workstation set up / clean up
    - Customer relations
    - Tattoo pricing
    - Practical procedures in aseptic technique & sterilization (including autoclave use)
    - Training on rotary tattoo machines vs. coil machines

    Workshop #3 – $900 – Mon, Tue & Wed 1-6pm (plus open floor practice time)
    Tattoo 103 Curriculum:
    - Supervised tattoo practice on real clients using advanced techniques
    - Advanced training in special effects tattooing
    - Advanced training in cover-up tattoos
    - Advanced training in tribal tattoos
    - Advanced training in high realism / portrait tattoos
    - Training on “Cheyenne” and other cartridge-load tattoo machines
    - Direct referral to tattoo suppliers who require referral or business license to sell
    - Basic theory of cosmetic tattooing (permanent makeup)
    - Basic theory of body piercing

    Workshop #4 – $900 – Thurs & Fri 1-6pm (plus open floor practice time & Sat 1-6pm make-up day if needed)
    Tattoo 104 Curriculum:
    - Extended supervised tattoo practice on real clients (minimum of 6 procedures for tattoo portfolio)
    - Complete business plan
    - Professional exposure plan
    - Assistance in applying for state license
    - Certification in all aspects of tattooing
    - Official school transcripts
    - Extensive instruction in tattoo business procedures including step-by-step guide to opening a shop, working in existing shop, buying a shop & many other approaches to the tattoo business

    Enrollment Options:
    1) Schedule all 4 workshops back-to-back & pay tuition fee of $5,600 in full at least 1 month in advance to receive the following bonus items:
    – 14 free nights in a student dorm room (savings of $392)
    – 2 extra coil tattoo machines & 1 free rotary tattoo machine in addition to standard tattoo kit
    – 12 more weeks of free optional training (repeat any or all workshops up to 6 more times for free)
    – Special discounts on Body Piercing & Permanent Make-Up courses

    2) Schedule Workshop #1 then take the follow-up workshops at a later date. Workshops #2, #3 & #4 must be taken in order and only after completion of Tattoo 101. Tuition fees due at least 1 week in advance.

  • Bring a friend for FREE!

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    New students who enroll for our March 5th – 17th Master Tattoo Course can bring a friend for FREE!

    This 2 for 1 discount is available now through March 1st. ($5,600 due by 3/1/18)

    Call our enrollment office at (318) 918-8904 for more details!

  • FREE tattoos!

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    FREE “Artist’s Choice” tattoos available this week Mon-Fri 1-6pm

    All other tattoos $10 & up

    For more info call Bill at (318) 918-9671

  • $10 tattoos & piercings

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    $10 & up tattoos available January 11th – 19th 1-6pm

    $10 body piercings available January 12th & 13th 12-8pm

    Discounted Permanent Make-Up services available January 22nd, 23rd & 14th by appointment only

    World’s Only Tattoo School
    403 Lake Street in downtown Shreveport

    For more info please call BILL POGUE at (318) 918-9671

  • Happy New Year!

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    The World’s Only Tattoo School is now enrolling for all 2018 class sessions

    Enroll for ANY 2-week Tattoo Course by Jan. 31st to get $600 OFF tuition fees & FREE dorm room!

    - 2018 Class Schedule -
    Jan. 8-20
    Mar. 5-17
    May 7-19
    July 9-21
    September 10-22
    October 8-20

    Call our enrollment office at (318) 918-8904 for more info!