Tuition Fees

Artistic Tattoo
1 day course: $850*
2 day course: $1,850*
2 week course: $5,600**
*All courses include a full set of professional tattoo equipment & certification reflecting the number of training hours completed.
**2-week course includes 12 more weeks of FREE optional training (students may repeat the 2 week class up to 6 times at no additional cost)

Body Piercing
3 day course: $1,800*
*includes a full set of professional piercing equipment & certification.

Permanent Make-Up
3 day course: $3,000*
*includes a full set of professional permanent make-up equipment & certification.

(Please note that all tuition deposits & payments are non-refundable. Tuition fees due in full at least 1 week prior to 1st day of class. Students must notify the school at least 1 month in advance to change class sessions.)