Student Testimonials

Just a few of the many success stories & ‘Thank You’ notes we have received from W.O.T.S. graduates over the years

Subj: Hello From Alaska


Hi Bill,


The business is doing great! We will clear at least 3k this month just working the weekends. Check out our website: Thanks again for the awesome training; I am getting better each day!

Rodney from Alaska

Hi! So, I thought I would just drop you a line. I’m not sure if you follow Sidney or not on FB

Or IG @sidneygulkatattoos

She took your classes in 2013 & doing really well;
Opened her own shop a few months ago, is travelling the world
taking awards home with her from conventions

People travel far to see her she’s booked solid and she is just enjoying life doing what she loves to do…art!

Dr. Pogue told her that if they become good they can make $10,000 a month… she is waaay beyond that

She’s learning how the taxman taketh though, lol

Thank you, for teaching our daughter❤
Xox Anna (Sidney’s mom)



I wanted to tell you that Matt’s shop has been open for seven years today. What an accomplishment. He closes down for a week every year and flys his tattooers to Florida and is able to provide for our family in a way we never thought possible.

I hold four licenses in two states, have opened three studios, travel the country doing what I love, and am now able to pursue legislation and hold lectures for other practitioners.

We really cannot thank you enough for teaching us something we love so much and giving us the ability to provide for our families.

You’re an amazing man and we are incredibly thankful for you. Have a great day.

Saville Evans
Permanent Cosmetics & Body Piercing
Transformation Gallery and Tattoo

Message sent via Facebook

Dr Bill……..I really wanted to thank you for what you do. I know that you probably get a lot of criticism in the industry, but I for one, am very appreciative of you, your expertise, and your willingness to teach up and coming artists. Its better to learn the right way than to scratch and fuck people up…….I had some clients in my studio tonight that were all about letting random people tattoo on them whenever and wherever and it really made me realize the importance of mentorship… again…..thank you, and I will be back for permanent make up soon. Take care. Richard Bates (class of May 2015)

Message sent via Facebook

Hi Bill, I attended your school in 2000 and am so happy to see your Tattoo School TV show. Thanks to you I have a very successful shop in Owosso MI called Metro Tattoos. We have an all female staff and I have been in business here since 2010. All the “ladies” say hello! Again, thank you for providing me with a great opportunity. Going to your school was the best decision I ever made and I will always remember what a life changing experience it was! ~ Suzanne

To: Bill From: Steve
Opening my shop Shadow Rider Tattoo could not have been accomplished without you and your school. Thanks for everything.
Steve Kizer class of Sept. 2012

Message sent via Facebook

So nice to ‘see’ you here Bill, please tell Jeanette and Jessica i send my greetings to them.. Hope everything is great over there at Tattoo school and your family is well! I had the best time when i came there and i’ve been thinking about your offer before i left to come visit again sometime… maybe i’ll come soon 😀

Málfríður Sigrúnardóttir from Iceland

Message sent via Facebook

Hello Bill, My brother and I attended your school in ’05 and i have since opened my own art gallery and tattoo studio in Lansing, business is booming and i just wanted to say thanks for helping to make dreams come true. Check out my studio page and let me know what you think.

thanks again: Larry Albert @ The Gallery Fine Arts & Tattoo Studio

Subj: Hey Dr. Pogue and crew

Hey there Dr. Pogue. Dropping u a line to let u know that I will officially be opening my own shop in less than two weeks. I built the building from the ground up. With alot of help of my family and friends. I just wanted to say thanks for giving me the knowledge and strength to believe in myself to live out my dreams. Thanks for everything Dr. – take care and I hope all is well for WOTS.
P.s. Hey I noticed u have t-shirts now. What the hell, I never got a shirt. Think u could hook up one of your WOTS alumni? I would love to hang that one in my office and show it off forever. Bragging I went to the best school period. Take care man. I’ll never forget what u did for me. Means alot to me.

Tattoo Lou, Caro MI

Subj: Hello from California


Hey Bill and All,

How the heck are you? Things here are going pretty good. I though of you today Bill and I had my first request for TAZ…lol. I told the guy about how you don’t tattoo TAZ ANYMORE..He thought that was pretty funny. I attached the picture so you could see. I am still working on my 30 tattoos and artwork to get that big diploma…

Hope that things are great for you guys at the school. I can’t tell you all enough how much the support from all of you meant while I was there. It has truly given me the confidence to continue…and I truly love what I am doing.

I am going to send you some picture of my studio and my brochure so you can show your students that..hey…people really do go and start their own businesses after attending your wonderful school.

Sending you all Warmest Regards,

Valerie Baltzer

Artistic Ink

Subj: your plan has worked


Bill wanted to take the time to thank you the knowledge and skills which you have given me. This the 3rd week I’ve been back from class and I’m extremely busy, because I followed your plan you set in class. My original plan was to do parties and sessions in my home, but I’ve been so busy I feel its time to open a shop which I will be starting that next week when jay comes down from Vegas to give me a hand. I started by giving 4 tattoos at a reduced rate which was paid off tremendously I have people coming from forty miles away just to get tattooed by me. I’ve tattooed the 2 weekends I’ve been back and am booked 4 the month just from them 4 tattoos, I’ved picked up work from leaving my card at my hairdressers shop and just by talking to people I see with tattoo’s and piercings. I’ve done a few big pieces that have led to more work, it’s a good feeling when I here from my customers and tell me that people stop them in store to check out there tattoo and tell them what great work the artitst did on them. And its all thanx to you the knowledge and skills I’ve got from you has changed my life! My next plan is to finish my company logo today so I can meet with a graphic artist on Friday so I can get some t-shirts and fliers printed up for further advertisement so I can stay this busy. In closing I just want to say thanx again I know I wouldn’t be this busy without your help ill see you in January when I bring my wife to the piercing class. And to your current class make sure you follow Bills plan an you’ll do great just as I have and its only the beginning good luck to everybody.

Bill thax again keep in touch hope to see in Fla soon



Best money I ever spent! I made $1,500 the first week.”

S.G., Mississippi

“Very impressed! I sent my son for all three courses

and it essentially saved our business”

Karen M., North Dakota

“The clients in my salon are excited that I now offer

piercing, tattooing, and permanent make-up. It has

dramatically increased my business.”

Genita A., Bahamas

“It was absolutely awesome experience!

I especially liked the stories and person experiences-

Dr. Bill covered everything”

Aaron Anderson, Utah

Subj: Hey Dr. B!!


It’s me Jamie from the September class. I had so much fun with y’all there. I miss it terribly, it changed my life for real. I’ve only been able to do 5 tattoos since I’ve gotten back – but more to come for sure!! 😀


Sharon gave me her personal email address & I’ve lost it. Will you ask her if I can have it? I miss her so bad it’s ridiculous. Does she have a myspace?

Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!!

Jamie Jagla,

Highlands Ranch, CO

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff. Since attending your school in October of last year I have gotten my shop up and running, I’ve been open since the 1st of March. Business is good, it was slow at first, but word of the shop is starting to flow. I have my 30 tattoos completed and have 5 more pages of flash to do, so I should be sending them to you soon. Give me a call sometime I would like to share with you my experience with the health inspector.

Well gotta run,

Chris Sims
Artist & Owner of Pure Skin Tattoos

Hello Bill and Jess and anyone who might be new!
I am very excited about checking out the school again and if I can help the new students… that thrills me even more! I use “time machines’ all the time but I also use my machine from school very often! Yes there are many things you cannot learn in two weeks, but I think you did wonders with my head (Dan too) and if anyone would beg to differ than come check us out at the shop and you will see! You guys really got it in our heads somehow someway and I take deep pride in it everyday. Maybe we had a good head and shoulder to start with, but you really helped our heads get ready for this and prepared us so well. Thank you again and I am stoked upon visiting again very soon!

Take Care,
Stephen Elkins

Thank you so much for all your wisdom, the class was great!
Tammy Leyendekker

Jessica is a GEM, Bill is AWESOME! Wayne rocked & help from former students coming in way cool. All in all a sound crew. Don’t worry about the loose nuts, we’ll be fine!
Alma Finks

I just wanted to give you an update on the shop. We have been open for three weeks now and things are going great. We made our rent in our first weekend and things have only been getting busier everyday. On average I’m doing 3-4 tattoos a day. And thanks to your advice on taking the piercing course Andrea has been piercing what seems to be the whole town. To say the least it have been a lot of work but it beats the hell out of getting up every morning for that assembly line job. And thanks to all the advice I learned in school I’m able to take care of my family just as well. I have followed your advice to a “T” as far as business cards, advertising, and flyers all over town ant it is paying off perfect. So i would just like to say thanks again for all your advice and say that the course has changed my life so that I could turn my passion for art and tattooing into a great living for myself and my family.

Thanks again,
Ronny & Andrea, Armada Ink

Message sent via Facebook
Hey Bill just wanted to say thanks for all I learned from ya. Because of it, I was able to quit my day job and Adam and mine shop is going on two years of biz. I was able to hire Kelly from the same class and move him out to California to work for me. Felt like saying thanks bro. Hope the schools doing well.
Take care –Sean @ Converge Ink

I believe it was in 2002 that I ended your class. I was the first girl from Belgium at that time. Since then I have my own studio in Leuven, Belgium. Thanks for everything!
Check out my website
Kirsten Vandenputte