Why Us?

We were the worlds FIRST licensed trade school for school for professional tattoo artists (established in 1968)

Many professional tattoo artists will tell beginners looking to get into the industry that the only way to learn how to tattoo is through a 2-year apprenticeship. But that idea is outdated and impractical in today’s tattoo industry. As the tattoo industry continues to grow, modern tattoo artists expect and demand a higher standard of education. The World’s Only Tattoo School was originally established by Dr. Bill Pogue in 1968 to offer a creative new way to learn how to tattoo.

W.O.T.S. became the world’s FIRST licensed trade school for professional tattoo artists in 1995 and we are truly pioneers in this new standard for tattoo training. Over the years we have seen some other tattoo “schools” come and go. However, year after year The World’s Only Tattoo School remains the ORIGINAL & the BEST.

Why train anywhere else? We are the most respected and highest ranked tattoo school in the WORLD!

If you are interested in becoming a professional tattoo artist maybe you asked around at your local tattoo shops but can’t find a good artist to apprentice you. Maybe you bought a “tattoo Kit” on Ebay & watched some YouTube videos. If you did your research and put some time and effort into practicing, maybe you were able to teach yourself the basics. Probably just enough to realize that you love tattooing and need some professional training ASAP to get to the next level.

Our tattoo instructors are highly experienced artists and proficiently educated trainers. They are skilled in “Neuro-Linguistic Programming”, a state of the art power training method, which combines learning with performance.

The World’s Only Tattoo School is a state licensed trade school, but we are also family owned and operated. The atmosphere in our classroom is professional, fun & welcoming. We truly consider all of our graduates to be members of our extended tattoo family!