Frequently Asked Questions

Is this really a Tattoo ‘School’?
We ARE a licensed proprietary trade school recognized by the State of Louisiana Board of Regents. (License #2104) This allows us to render certification upon completion of our training programs. We truly advise everyone to research any place that offers such unique classes, and you will be amazed to find that we are often duplicated …….…. but it is never equal. We are proud the be the world’s first and only REAL tattoo school!
How do I enroll?
Contact the Enrollment Office today @ (318) 918-8904 to secure your seat in our next class period.
Do you offer financing or some type of payment arrangement?
Typically our students pay by cash, certified check, money order or credit card. It is in your best interest to attempt some of these options:
1) Secure a personal loan or business loan through your local bank or credit union.
2) Apply for a credit card to be used for tuition (Visa, Master Card, etc.)
3) Seek support through family & friends.
4) Borrow against assets.
5) Simply save.
How much money does a tattoo artist earn?
Of course the dynamic answer to this question is the same as with any other viable trade or profession – it all depends upon your effort, professionalism, and performance. However, below is an estimate of what the average tattoo artist earns. The average cost of today’s tattoo, due to size and/or color, is $120. So…

1 tattoo = A cell phone bill
2 tattoos = Monthly car insurance
3 tattoos = A car note
4 tattoos = The average monthly college student loan payment
7 tattoos = Rent/mortgage payment
10 tattoos = A 7-day cruise
25 tattoos = A 1½ Carat diamond ring

Why should I attend this school and not complete an apprenticeship?
Although a lot of apprenticeships show skill because of the time toward them, they usually can be very costly. You pay out masses of money and earn very little – if any – for the duration of the experience. Also, under an apprenticeship no one is truly obligated to teach you – they do it at their own leisure. And you must also keep in mind that not every Artist is an efficient teacher. Our complete tattoo training program is only $5,600 and includes equipment & certification. Our school is well worth the time and cost.
Is two weeks plenty time for me to learn this craft? And what if I need more help?
Yes. Primarily because our instructors use the neuro-linguistic programming teaching method – a state of the art power training method that applies teaching with hands-on training. Upon completion, our graduates are able to work right away, whether for themselves or an establishment. Our graduates also receive FREE consultation, a discount on supplies through the school, and 12 weeks of FREE additional training performed at their convenience.
Do I need to have an artistic background to be a good tattoo artist?
Of course it helps to be artistically gifted (especially for aspiring shop owners) yet it is not required. You will learn that proper machine mechanics along with precision are equally important in practicing the art of tattooing. (Please note that we recommend tattoo students understand the basics of drawing before enrolling)
Will I be “licensed” when finished with the class?
Licensing is issued on a state-to-state or county-to-county basis that is generally regulated by your local government. (You will automatically be eligible for licensing in Shreveport/Bossier City Louisiana upon completion, among many other locations) Our staff will help you with every step of the licensing process. Your student transcript will reflect your level of aptitude gained here with us, as well as the amount of hours served in each subject area. It is important for you to check with your local health department, county clerks’ office, or state attorney general office for in-depth details relating to being licensed. Students receive certification from the school upon completion of our courses.
Will I perform any tattoos during the class?
YES, you will. We have an extensive list of clients who are fully aware of your status as students and pay a reduced rate for their tattoo. We guarantee you to perform a minimum of six (6) tattoos while attending Tattoo Workshops #2, #3 & #4.
Can I take more than one class while I am there?
YES, you can. A class schedule designed specifically for your convenience can be created and implemented during your stay with us. Since most of our students travel from a long distance, this does happen quite often.
How many students are there in each class? How many instructors?
The average class size is generally 5-15 students. This is strategically planned to enforce a quaint and intimate learning experience. There is one Lead Instructor (Dr. Bill Pogue) and other specialty instructors who all endorse the philosophies of creativity and passion of the art.
Do I receive any equipment with this course?
YES, Tattoo Workshop #1 includes a complete set of professional tattoo equipment – enough equipment to start your own tattoo business and earn back approximately $5,000! Your tuition includes: An International Tattoo Machine, power unit, foot switch, clip cord, tubes, needles, inks, colors, manuals, & digital flash designs.
What about transportation? And where will I stay? Where do I fly into?
We provide free transportation to school from the Shreveport Regional Airport or bus station. We have on-site dorm rooms for both males and females. The dorm fee is $28 per night. You can also stay at any local hotel of your choice. (We recommend the Chateau Suites Hotel in Downtown Shreveport)