NEW tattoo workshops!

Our original 2-week Master Plan tattoo course is now divided into four (4) back-to-back intensive workshops to accommodate your schedule & budget!

Workshop #1 – $2,900 – Mon, Tue & Wed 1-6pm (plus open floor practice time)
Course includes: Complete set of professional tattoo equipment (Tattoo machine, power supply unit, clip cord, foot switch, tubes, needles, ink, etc.)
Tattoo 101 Curriculum:
– Tattoo history & traditions
– Flash drawing & design
– Tattoo safety precautions (bloodborne pathogens & sterilization)
– Tattoo machine & equipment operation
– Tattoo machine construction & adjustment
– Lining, shading & color blending
– Stencil construction & application
– Use of various needle arrangements including magnums & single-needle
– Use of permanent pigment vs. acrylic pigments
– Tattoo practice on artificial skin

Workshop #2 – $900 – Thurs, Fri & Sat 1-6pm (plus open floor practice time)
Tattoo 102 Curriculum:
– Supervised tattoo practice on real clients
– Tattoo Shop operation
– Tattoo Shop & workstation set up / clean up
– Customer relations
– Tattoo pricing
– Practical procedures in aseptic technique & sterilization (including autoclave use)
– Training on rotary tattoo machines vs. coil machines

Workshop #3 – $900 – Mon, Tue & Wed 1-6pm (plus open floor practice time)
Tattoo 103 Curriculum:
– Supervised tattoo practice on real clients using advanced techniques
– Advanced training in special effects tattooing
– Advanced training in cover-up tattoos
– Advanced training in tribal tattoos
– Advanced training in high realism / portrait tattoos
– Training on “Cheyenne” and other cartridge-load tattoo machines
– Direct referral to tattoo suppliers who require referral or business license to sell
– Basic theory of cosmetic tattooing (permanent makeup)
– Basic theory of body piercing

Workshop #4 – $900 – Thurs & Fri 1-6pm (plus open floor practice time & Sat 1-6pm make-up day if needed)
Tattoo 104 Curriculum:
– Extended supervised tattoo practice on real clients (minimum of 6 procedures for tattoo portfolio)
– Complete business plan
– Professional exposure plan
– Assistance in applying for state license
– Certification in all aspects of tattooing
– Official school transcripts
– Extensive instruction in tattoo business procedures including step-by-step guide to opening a shop, working in existing shop, buying a shop & many other approaches to the tattoo business

Enrollment Options:
1) Schedule all 4 workshops back-to-back & pay tuition fee of $5,600 in full at least 1 month in advance to receive the following bonus items:
– 14 free nights in a student dorm room (savings of $392)
– 2 extra coil tattoo machines & 1 free rotary tattoo machine in addition to standard tattoo kit
– 12 more weeks of free optional training (repeat any or all workshops up to 6 more times for free)
– Special discounts on Body Piercing & Permanent Make-Up courses

2) Schedule Workshop #1 then take the follow-up workshops at a later date. Workshops #2, #3 & #4 must be taken in order and only after completion of Tattoo 101. Tuition fees due at least 1 week in advance.